upcoming activities

CAAC -- Combinatorial Algebra meets Algebraic Combinatorics, University of Waterloo (Canada), January 2023
COGNAC -- Conference On alGebraic varieties over fiNite fields and Algebraic geometry Codes, CIRM, Luminy (France), February 2023
Random Algebraic Geometry, Banff International Research Station (Canada), April 2023

recent activities

PQCifris 2022 -- School & Workshop on Post-Quantum Cryptography, University of Trento (Italy), October 2022
Finite Geometries, Sixth Irsee Conference, Irsee (Germany), August 2022

ACA 2022 -- Applications of Computer Algebra, Istanbul (Turkey), August 2022

Coding theory and cryptography -- A conference in honor of Joachim Rosenthal's 60th birthday, Zurich (Switzerland), July 2022
Cyber-Alp Retreat, Sachseln (Switzerland), July 2022
MEGA 2022 – Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry, Cracow (Poland), June 2022
Hayden-Howard Lecture Series, University of Kentucky (KY, USA), May 2022
Algebraic Methods in Coding Theory and Communication, Casa Matematica Oaxaca (Mexico), April 2022
12th International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography -- WCC 2022, Rostock (Germany), March 2022
Canadian Mathematical Society Winter Meeting 2021, December 2021
Seminar Algebra and Geometry, University of Basel (Switzerland), November 2021
Journees Besancon-Neuchatel, Pontarlier (France), October 2021
Cryptography and Coding Theory -- First Annual Conference of the UMI Group Coding and Cryptography, September 2021
John Conway Spirited Mathematics Seminar Series, LUMS (Pakistan), September 2021
SAGA - Seminar on Applied Geometry and Algebra, September 2021
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry,  Texas A&M University (TX, USA), August 2021
MEGA 2021 – Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry, The Arctic University of Norway (Norway), June 2021
AGC^2T -- Arithmetic Geometry, Cryptography, and Coding Theory, CIRM, Luminy (France), June 2021
ACCESS -- Algebraic Coding and Cryptography on the East coast Seminar Series, May 2021
DIAMANT Symposium Spring 2021 (the Netherlands), April 2021
Journées Nationales de Calcul Formel, CIRM, Luminy (France), March 2021
Algebraic Methods in Coding Theory and Communication, Casa Matematica Oaxaca (Mexico), October 2020 -- postponed due to COVID-19
Written Geometry: Commutative Algebra,
CIRM, Luminy (France), October 2020 -- postponed due to COVID-19
International Workshop on the Arithmetic of Finite Fields (WAIFI 2020), Rennes (France), July 2020
Dutch Mathematical Congress, Utrecht (the Netherlands), April 2020 -- postponed due to COVID-19
Women in Commutative Algebra, Banff International Research Station (Canada), October 2019
Women in Numbers - Europe 3, University of Rennes (France), August 2019
Algebra meets combinatorics in Neuchatel, University of Neuchatel (Switzerland), July 2019
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (AG19), University of Bern (Switzerland), July 2019, see also a blog post discussing my talk
CIMPA School -- Graphs, Algorithms and Randomness, Tabriz (Iran), June 2019
Intercity Seminar, University of Fribourg, March 2019
Oberwolfach Workshop on Contemporary Coding Theory, Oberwolfach (Germany), March 2019
Applied Algebra Day, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA (USA), November 2018
RTG Coding, Cryptography and Number Theory (CCNT) Lecture Series 2018/19, Clemson University, SC (USA), October 2018
ICERM Semester Program on "Nonlinear Algebra", The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), Providence (RI, USA), September-December 2018
EBSIS Summer School on Distributed Event Based Systems and Related Topics 2018, Villars-sur-Ollon (Switzerland), July 2018
Coding Theory Seminar, University of Paris 13 (France), May 2018
Cryptography Seminar, University of Oxford (UK), February 2018
Berlin-Leipzig Seminar on Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics, TU Berlin (Germany), December 2017
TecDay, Liceo di Lugano 1 (Switzerland), November 2017
Workshop on Commutative Algebra - honoring Peter Schenzel, University of Osnabrueck (Germany), October 2017
Colloquium, University of Osnabrueck (Germany), October 2017
Colloque annuel de la Commission Romande de Mathématique, Leysin (Switzerland), September 2017
Computational Algebraic Geometry Workshop at the Foundations of Computational Mathematics Conference (FoCM 2017), University of Barcelona (Spain), July 2017