University of Neuchatel
Spring Sem. 2018, Applied Analysis
Fall Sem. 2017, Topology, Coding Theory
Spring Sem. 2017,  Applied Linear Algebra (for natural science)
Fall Sem. 2016, Topology, Cryptography
Spring Sem. 2016, Applied Analysis, Applied Linear Algebra (for natural science)
Fall Sem. 2015, Topology
Spring Sem. 2015, Groebner bases, Applied Linear Algebra (for natural science)
Fall Sem. 2014, Topology
Spring Sem. 2014, Applied Analysis
Fall Sem. 2013, Linear Algebra, Finite Fields
Spring Sem. 2013, Cryptography
Fall Sem. 2012, Coding Theory
EPF Lausanne
Fall Sem. 2012, Error Correcting Codes
(course for the Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics)
University of Basel
Spring Sem. 2011, Kommutative Algebra II
Fall Sem. 2010, Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
Spring Sem. 2010, Kryptographie
Fall. Sem. 2009, Codierungstheorie
University of Zurich
Instructor, Fall Sem. 2008 and Spring Sem. 2009, Junior Euler Society
Instructor, Spring Sem. 2008, Seminar on Computer Algebra
Instructor, Fall Sem. 2007, Computer Algebra
Instructor, Summer Sem. 2007, Seminar on Cryptology
Instructor, Winter Sem. 2006/07, Elliptic Curves
Teaching Assistant, Summer Sem. 2006, Cryptography
Co-Instructor, Winter Sem. 2005/06, CoCoA tutorials for the Comm. Alg. Seminar
Instructor, Summer Sem. 2005, Seminar on Elliptic Curves and Cryptography
Teaching Assistant, Winter Sem. 2004/05, Cryptography
University of Notre Dame
Instructor, Fall 2003, Calculus I (business and liberal arts)
Teaching Assistant, Spring 2003, Calculus II (business and liberal arts)
Instructor, Fall 2002, Calculus I (pre-med and natural sciences)
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2001 and Spring 2002, Honors Calculus I (liberal arts)
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2000, Calculus III (engineering and physics)