postdocs and Maîtres-assistant-e-s

Hermann Tchatchiem Kamche, 2022-23, Swiss Excellence Scholarship Awardee
Elisa Lorenzo Garcia, 2020-present
Umberto Martinez-Penas, 2020-2022
Alessio Caminata, 2016-17 and 2018-20
Relinde Jurrius, 2014-17
Siddhartha Brahma, (co-mentoring with H. Mercier), 2015-16
Alexandru Constantinescu, 2010-13

PhD students

Giulia Gaggero, since 2020
Eduardo Camps Moreno (supervisors: E. Sarmiento Rosales and H. López Valdez), Swiss Excellence Scholarship Awardee working under my supervision in 2020-21
Flavio Salizzoni, since 2020
Cristina Landolina, 2018-21
Roberta Barbi (co-supervision with H. Mercier), 2016-19
Hiram López Valdez (supervisor: R. Villarreal Rodríguez), Swiss Excellence Scholarship Awardee working under my supervision in 2014-15
Giulia Bianco, 2014-17
Alberto Ravagnani, 2012-16 - "Prix Leon Du Pasquier - Louis Perrier" from the University of Neuchatel, for the best Ph.D. thesis in the Faculty of Science in 2016
Matey Mateev, 2010-14
Maike Massierer, 2009-13

external examiner/evaluator for PhD dissertations and habilitations

Niklas Gassner, University of Zurich (Switzerland), thesis in progress
Alessio Del Padrone, University of Genoa (Italy), December 2022
Magali Bardet, Habilitation, University of Rouen (France), November 2022
Giuseppe Cotardo, University College Dublin (Ireland), June 2022
Miguel Ángel Navarro-Pérez, University of Alicante (Spain), January 2022
Lisa Seccia, University of Genoa (Italy), July 2021
Manoj Gyawali, Roma Tre University (Italy), June 2021
Rakhi Pratihar, IIT Bombay (India), April 2021
Javier Verbel, National University of Colombia, Medellin (Colombia), Dec. 2020
Ilaria Zappatore, University of Montpellier (France), Oct. 2020
Karan Khathuria, University of Zurich (Switzerland), Sept. 2020
Simon Abelard, LORIA and University of Lorraine (France), Sept. 2018
Reto Schnyder, University of Zurich (Switzerland), June 2017
Jens Zumbraegel, Habilitation, TU Dresden (Germany), March 2016
Kyle Marshall, University of Zurich (Switzerland), Mar. 2016
Seyed Lavasani, University of Calgary (Canada), Dec. 2015
Hiram López Valdez, CINVESTAV–IPN (Mexico), May 2015
Oliver Gnilke, University College Dublin (Ireland), Oct. 2014
Felice Manganiello, University of Zurich (Switzerland), Aug. 2011
Joan Pons-Llopis, University of Barcelona (Spain), June 2011

other graduate research projects supervised

“Rees Algebras” (group co-lead with C. Polini), Women in Commutative Algebra, Banff International Research Station (Canada), Oct. 2019

“Groebner bases” (group co-lead with E. De Negri), Women in Numbers - Europe 3, University of Rennes (France), Aug. 2019

“Trace zero subgroups” (group co-lead with C. Ritzenthaler), IPAM workshop on Algebraic Geometry for Coding Theory and Cryptography, UCLA (CA, USA), Feb. 2016

“Tori in Cryptography”, summer school on Computational Number Theory and Applications to Cryptography, University of Wyoming (WY, USA), June-July 2006

“Algebraic Geometry Based Cryptosystems”, 2004 IMA Summer Program for Graduate Students in Coding and Cryptography, University of Notre Dame (IN, USA), June 2004

masters students

Yoan Eppner, in progress
Edon Gashi, in progress
Silvia Mignozzi (University of Padova, co-supervision with A. Tonolo), 2021
Marina Schiroli (University of Fribourg, co-supervision with C. Mazza), 2021
Badr Bentalev (University of Geneva, co-supervision with P. Severa), 2021
Felicien Heche, 2021
Thomas Lethourmy, 2021
Fabio Fuerst (University of Fribourg, co-supervision with E. Delucchi), 2018
Matthias Grezet, 2016
Judith Keller (University of Zurich), 2015
Cyril Devanthery, 2015
Wanja Chresta (University of Basel, co-supervision with J. Blanc), 2014
Dagris Musitelli, 2014
Vita Pasic (University of Zurich, co-supervision with J. Rosenthal), 2009
Andres Gentzen (University of Zurich, co-supervision with J. Rosenthal), 2007
Richard Koeppel (University of Zurich, co-supervision with J. Rosenthal), 2007