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Valerio's Picture

Valerio Schiavoni, PhD

Maître-Assistant (Lecturer), Complex Systems Group

Coordinator for the Competence Centre in Complex Systems and Big Data

Coordinator of the Inter-University Doctoral Program in Computer Science for CUSO

I am involved in these recent or upcoming events: EuroSys'22 (Heavy TPC), DSN'22 (TPC), IEEE CCEM'21 (TPC), IC2E'21 (TPC), SRDS'21 (TPC), DAIS'21 (TPC), Middleware'21 (TPC, Doctoral Workshop TPC), CCGrid'21 (TPC), OPODIS'20' (TPC), SRDS'20 (TPC), Middleware'20 (TPC, Session Chair, Doctoral Workshop TPC), EDCC'20 (TPC), DAIS'20 (Program Chair), EuroSys'20 (Poster Chair, Doctoral Workshop TPC and Mentor), DADS'20 (TPC).

Previous events: OPODIS'19 (Organising Chair), SOSP'19 AE (heavy TPC), W-PSDS'19 / DRSS'19 / RaSTEES'19 with SRDS'19 (TPC), DEBS'19 (TPC), EDCC'19 (TPC), DAIS'19' (TPC), DisCoTec'19 (Workshops Co-Chair), EuroSys'19 (Publication Chair), DADS'19 (TPC), W-GCS'18, (General Co-Chair), Middleware'18 (Industrial Track TPC), EDCC'18 (Poster Co-Chair), DSN'18 (TPC Student Forum), ICDCS'18 (TPC & Session Chair), SRDS'18 (Poster/Abstract Chair), EuroSys'18 (Publication Chair), DAIS'18 (TPC), SRDS'17 (TPC & Publicity Chair), DisCoTec'17 (Co-Organizing Chair), DAIS'16 (TPC & Publicity Chair), W-PSDS'16 (TPC), SAC'16 (TPC), DeSN'15 (TPC), ICDE'15 (sub-rev.), PODC'15 (sub-rev), IEEE Services'15 (TPC), Middleware'14 (sub-rev), Euro-Par'14 (sub-rev), AINA'14 (TPC), MW4NG'14 (TPC), IPDPS'12 (sub-rev), DAIS'12 (sub-rev), iThings'12 (sub-rev), DAIS'11 (sub-rev), Euro-Par'11 (sub-rev), MajecSTIC'10 (TPC), Euro-Par'10 (sub-rev).

Journal reviews: IEEE TPDS, FGCS, PPNA.

I am, have directly or been indirectly involved in the following Swiss FNS or EU projects:

Address: Université de Neuchâtel
Institut d'informatique
Rue Emile-Argand 11
CH-2000 Neuchâtel

Contact me at valerio.schiavoni@unine.ch