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Valerio's Picture

Valerio Schiavoni, PhD

Maître-Assistant (Lecturer), Complex Systems Group

I was the coordinator for the Competence Centre in Complex Systems and Big Data

I was the coordinator of the Inter-University Doctoral Program in Computer Science for CUSO, from 2019 to 2021.

I am involved in these recent or upcoming events (since 2021):

Previous events (2020-2010): OPODIS'20 (TPC), SRDS'20 (TPC), Middleware'20 (TPC, Session Chair, Doctoral Workshop TPC), EDCC'20 (TPC), DAIS'20 (Program Chair), EuroSys'20 (Poster Chair, Doctoral Workshop TPC and Mentor), DADS'20 (TPC), OPODIS'19 (Organising Chair), SOSP'19 AE (heavy TPC), W-PSDS'19 / DRSS'19 / RaSTEES'19 with SRDS'19 (TPC), DEBS'19 (TPC), EDCC'19 (TPC), DAIS'19' (TPC), DisCoTec'19 (Workshops Co-Chair), EuroSys'19 (Publication Chair), DADS'19 (TPC), W-GCS'18, (General Co-Chair), Middleware'18 (Industrial Track TPC), EDCC'18 (Poster Co-Chair), DSN'18 (TPC Student Forum), ICDCS'18 (TPC & Session Chair), SRDS'18 (Poster/Abstract Chair), EuroSys'18 (Publication Chair), DAIS'18 (TPC), SRDS'17 (TPC & Publicity Chair), DisCoTec'17 (Co-Organizing Chair), DAIS'16 (TPC & Publicity Chair), W-PSDS'16 (TPC), SAC'16 (TPC), DeSN'15 (TPC), ICDE'15 (sub-rev.), PODC'15 (sub-rev), IEEE Services'15 (TPC), Middleware'14 (sub-rev), Euro-Par'14 (sub-rev), AINA'14 (TPC), MW4NG'14 (TPC), IPDPS'12 (sub-rev), DAIS'12 (sub-rev), iThings'12 (sub-rev), DAIS'11 (sub-rev), Euro-Par'11 (sub-rev), MajecSTIC'10 (TPC), Euro-Par'10 (sub-rev).

Journal reviews: IEEE TPDS, IEEE TDSC, FGCS, PPNA.

I am, have directly or been indirectly involved in the following Swiss FNS or EU projects:

Address: Université de Neuchâtel
Institut d'informatique
Rue Emile-Argand 11
CH-2000 Neuchâtel

Contact me at valerio.schiavoni@unine.ch