How to get there

Santiago is here.

How to get to the hotel:

All students and professors lodge at the same hotel.
Check-in is at noon.
The Hotel includes transportation from and to the airport.

How to get to the University:

Those staying at the hotel anyway go there all together the first day, so relax!
The address of USACH is: Alameda 3363, Estación Central

You best reach it by Metro: Get off at "ESTACION CENTRAL" Metro Station - Red Line 1.
The main entrance of USACH is just there.
Please do not use the station "Universidad de Santiago", as this is in front of the old building, far away from the Math Department.

The Math Department is a 7 stores building located 500 meters from the main entrance, in between the CITECAMP and CENI buildings, see map (for the plan is Spanish) and map (for the plan in English).
The auditorium is in the underground level of the building.

In case you get lost:

Call Jessica Vidal's cellphone number/whatsapp: +56 97 48 45 109
Or, if you need to call from a paid phone: 097 48 45 109

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