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You see things,
and you say, "Why?"
I dream things that never were,
and I say, "Why not?"
-- George Bernard Shaw

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Accurately locating concepts in ontologies has become an critical task today. Not only the Semantic Web, but also older classification systems, e.g. in the medical domain, rely on correctly chosen concepts for document retrieval as well as for statistical or billing purposes. At the Information Management Institute of the University of Neuchâtel I'm working with three methods through which concept retrieval from an medical ontology can be improved:

  1. The recall of correct concepts can be increased by the application of appropriate morphological operations on query terms and the enhancement of concept labels with synonymous terms.
  2. The efficiency of a manual selection process from a result set can be improved by structuring the result set correspondingly to the original ontology.
  3. The vocabulary of a retrieval system can be adapted to its users by analysing their interactions with the system.

Based on the ICD10 I implemented a concept retrieval system to compare the performance of different combinations of these techniques. Within this context I conceptualised and implemented different techniques of stemming and word decomposition for the French medical language. The system found a wide and enthusiastic user base, so that the final evaluation can be carried out with over one million individual query processes from real users of the system.

Two prototype systems are currently available:




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