Université de Neuchâtel Groupe de Géomagnétisme

Mathematical representation of the main geomagnetic field of Switzerland
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°' Declination

Dk [sexag.]:

°' Dec. vs. map N


gon Dec. vs. map N


o/oo Dec. vs. map N

I :

°' Inclination

F :

[nTesla] Total field

X :

[nTesla] North comp.

Y :

 [nTesla] East comp.

Z :

 [nTesla] Vert. comp.

H :

 [nTesla] Horiz. comp.

Local magnetic anomalies can be accounted for in declination by using interpolated values from the 1994 anomaly map. Areas with uncertain magnetic data are shown in green:

Secular variation:
dD :


dI :


dF :