About me
I am Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Neuchâtel. I hold a PhD from Rice University and I did postdoctoral research at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley and at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies. I am interested in cognitive linguistics, language change, construction grammar, and corpus linguistics.

Construction Grammar and its Application to English
My book Constuction Grammar and its Application to English was published in 2014 by the Edinburgh University Press. Watch the lecture videos or click on the video below.

Constructional Change
My book Constuctional Change in English was published in 2013 by the Cambridge University Press. In the video below I explain what it is all about.

Lecture videos: An Introduction to English Linguistics
The videos for my lecture 'An Introduction to English Linguistics' can be found here.

Motion charts
Check out my motion chart resource page.

Prof. Dr. Martin Hilpert
Université de Neuchâtel
Institut de langue et littérature anglaises
Espace Louis-Agassiz 1
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
Phone + 41 32 718 19 31
Fax +41 32 718 17 01

Education and employment

2015 Professor of English Linguistics, University of Neuchâtel
2012-2015 Assistant Professor of English Linguistics, University of Neuchâtel
2012 Habilitation (Venia Legendi: English Philology), Freiburg University
2008-2012 Junior Fellow, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies
2007 Postdoc, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley (Framenet)
2007 PhD, Rice University, Dept. of Linguistics
2003 MA, Hamburg University, Germany, English Linguistics, Scandinavian Languages


Pre-publication drafts of most papers can be downloaded from this list. I am happy to send offprints / pdfs from the rest.

(submitted a) Psycholinguistic perspectives. In Laurel Brinton (ed.) English Historical Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
(submitted b) Frequencies in diachronic corpora and knowledge of language. In Marianne Hundt, Simone Pfenninger, and Sandra Mollin (eds.), The Changing English Language - Psycholinguistic Perspectives. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
(submitted c) Constructional approaches. In Bas Aarts, Jill Bowie and Gergana Popova (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of English Grammar Oxford: Oxford University Press.

(to appear a) With Stefan Th. Gries. Quantitative approaches to diachronic corpus linguistics. In Merja Kytö and Paivi Pahta (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of English Historical Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
(to appear b) With Christoph Rühlemann. Colloquialization in journalistic writing: Investigating inserts in TIME magazine with a focus on well. Journal of Historical Pragmatics
(to appear c) With Hubert Cuyckens. How do corpus-based techniques advance description and theory in English historical linguistics? An introduction to the special issue. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory
(to appear d). With Holger Diessel. Frequency effects in grammar. In Mark Aronoff (ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics. New York: Oxford University Press.
(to appear e) With Holger Diessel. Entrenchment in construction grammar. In Hans-Jörg Schmid (ed.), Entrenchment, Memory and Automaticity. The psychology of linguistic knowledge and language learning. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
(to appear f) With David Correia Saavedra. Why are grammatical elements more evenly dispersed than lexical elements? Assessing the roles of frequency and semantic generality. Corpora.
(to appear g) Change in modal meanings: Another look at the shifting collocates of may. Constructions and Frames.

2015a. From hand-carved to computer-based: Noun-participle compounding and the upward-strengthening hypothesis. Cognitive Linguistics 26/1, 1-36.
2015b. Kollaborative Insubordination in gesprochenem Englisch: Konstruktion oder Umgang mit Konstruktionen? In Lasch, Alexander and Alexander Ziem (eds.), Konstruktionsgrammatik IV. Konstruktionen und Konventionen als kognitive Routinen. Tübingen: Stauffenburg, 25-40.
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2015f. With Christian Mair. Grammatical change. In Douglas Biber and Randi Reppen (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of English Corpus Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 180-200.
2015g. With Florent Perek. Meaning change in a petri dish: constructions, semantic vector spaces, and motion charts. Linguistics Vanguard.

2014a. Construction Grammar and its application to English. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Read reviews here, here, here, here, or here.
2014b. Collostructional Analysis: Measuring associations between constructions and lexical elements. In Dylan Glynn and Justyna Robinson (eds.), Polysemy and Synonymy. Corpus Methods and Applications in Cognitive Linguistics. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 391-404.
2014c. Susanne Flach and Martin Hilpert (eds.), Yearbook of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association, Vol. 2. Berlin: de Gruyter.
2014d. With Jan-Ola Ostman (eds.) Constructions and Frames 6/2. Special issue on Constructions across Grammars.
2014e. With Jan-Ola Ostman. Introduction: Reflections on Constructions across Grammars. Constructions and Frames 6/2, 137-142.
2014f. With Florent Perek. Constructional tolerance: Are argument structure constructions equally powerful across languages? Constructions and Frames 6/2, 266-304.

2013a Constructional Change in English: Developments in Allomorphy, Word Formation, and Syntax. [Studies in English Language] Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Read reviews here, here, here, here, here, or, if you speak Russian, here.
2013b Corpus-based approaches to constructional change. In Graeme Trousdale & Thomas Hoffmann (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Construction Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 458-477.
2013c. Adrian Sprenger, Sebastian Weber, Mostafa Zarei, Rudolf Engelke, Juliana M. Nascimento, Christine Gretzmeier, Martin Hilpert, Melanie Boerries, Cristina Has, Hauke Busch, Leena Bruckner-Tuderman and Jörn Dengjel. Consistency of the proteome in primary human keratinocytes with respect to gender, age, and skin localization. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics.
2013d. Satz und Text. In Peter Auer et al., Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft, Stuttgart: Metzler.
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Peer review

Belgian Journal of Linguistics
The Blackwell Language and Linguistics Compass
Cognitive Linguistics
Constructions and Frames
Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory
English Language and Linguistics
Folia Linguistica
Folia Linguistica Historica
International Journal of Corpus Linguistics
Journal of English Linguistics
Language Variation and Change
Literary and Linguistic Computing
Nordic Journal of Linguistics
PLoS One
Spatial Cognition and Computation
Studies in Language

Oxford University Press
Mouton de Gruyter
John Benjamins
Brill Publishers

SNF (Fonds National Suisse, Schweizerischer Nationalfonds)
ERC (European Research Council)
DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
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The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
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Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
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Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
Hercules Stichting

Presentations (since 2011)

Feb 2016. Auf dem Weg zu einem konstruktionsgrammatischen Verständnis von Grammatikalisierung: Die Hypothese der Aufwärts-Aktivierung. Historische Konstruktionsgrammatik: Konvergenzen und Divergenzen im Sprach- und Konstruktionswandel. Düsseldorf.
Jan 2016. Analyzing language change with motion charts. Winter School: ALPES.

Dec 2015. Meaning change in a petri dish: Constructions, semantic vector spaces, and motion charts. Language in Contrast, Paris-8.
Nov 2015. Visualizing language change. Pratiques des Humanités digitales. Université de Lausanne.
Nov 2015. How to blend MALT. MALT symposium - Methods and Linguistic Theories. Universität Bamberg.
Oct 2015. Grammaticalization as change in a constructional network: Saliency, frequency, and the upward-strengthening hypothesis. Frequency effects in Construction Grammar. Freiburg University.
Oct 2015. Approaching grammaticalization from a constructional perspective: The upward-strengthening hypothesis. Grammaticalization meets Construction Grammar. Göteborg University.
Sep 2015. Meaning change in a petri dish: Constructions, semantic vector spaces, and motion charts. Uppsala University.
Aug 2015. Logistische Regression. Sommerschule des Deutschen Romanistenverbandes, Uni Mainz.
Feb 2015. More about motion charts. Third International Winter School in Finno-Ugric Studies, Munich.

Nov 2014. Meaning change in a petri dish: Constructions, semantic vector spaces, and motion charts. Visuelle Linguistik: Theorie und Anwendung von Visualisierungen in der Sprachwissenschaft, Hannover.
Oct 2014. Constructional change in noun-participle compounding. DGKL 6, Erlangen.
Oct 2014. With Malgorzata Fabiszak and Karolina Krawczak. A corpus-based quantitative approach to mental predicates and their complementation: A cross-linguistic perspective. DGKL 6, Erlangen.
Oct 2014. 30 years of Cognitive Linguistics - an attempt at an overview. Universität Zürich.
Oct 2014. Can asymmetric priming explain semantic change in grammaticalization? Université de Caen.
Sep 2014. More flying bubbles. Advances in Visual Methods for Linguistics, Universität Tübingen.
Sep 2014. The big to-do-list. Challenges for 21st century linguistics. SLE, Poznan.
Sep 2014. The development of English noun-participle compounding: a corpus-based and theory-informed study. SLE, Poznan.
Sep 2014. Constructional change in noun-participle compounding. ICCG 8, Osnabrück.
Aug 2014. Frequency changes in diachronic corpora and changes in speakers' knowledge of language. ISLE, Zürich.
Aug 2014. Recent change in modal meanings: Evidence from collocational shifts. ISLE, Zürich.
July 2014. Relating language change to language processing: A second look at asymmetric priming. ICEHL, KU Leuven.
May 2014. Grammatische Konstruktionen und ihre Kollokate: Eine Perspektive auf zehn Jahre Kollostruktionsanalyse. Universität Basel.
April 2014. It's not rocket surgery! A linguistic look at mixed metaphors. SAUTE meeting, Universität Bern.
Mar 2014. From poverty-stricken to government-funded. On the diachrony of English noun-participle compounding. Die Rolle von Kombinationsbeschränkungen im Sprachwandel: Diachronie von Passivkonstruktionen, Universität Hannover.
Feb 2014. What do misunderstanding and consensus formation have to do with language change? Workshop on the Emergence of Consensus and Misunderstanding, La Sapienza, Rome.

Nov 2013. Rocket surgery: More on mixed metaphors. Séminaire STL, Université Lille-3.
Nov 2013. L'analyse du changement linguistique: de nouvelle méthodes, de nouvelles perspectives. Inaugural lecture, Université de Neuchâtel.
Oct 2013. Developing a constructional perspective on language change. Research seminar in linguistics, University of Geneva.
Sept 2013. Modelling constructional change. International Summer School on Agent-based Computational Models of Creativity, Cortona Italy.
Sept 2013. Using motion charts for hypothesis-testing and the exploration of language change. Humboldt-Universität Berlin.
June 2013. Practical Workshop on Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research. IWoDA 2013, University of Santiago de Compostela.
May 2013. Change in tense constructions: what can we learn from diachronic corpora? Gothenburg University.
May 2013. Applying Construction Grammar to the analysis of language change: Why? How? With what results? Gothenburg University.
May 2013. Cognition, corpora, and language change: How the study of diachronic variation fits into the cognitive linguistic enterprise. Plenary lecture at the AFLICO conference, Université Lille-3.
April 2013. Practical Workshop on Linguistic Data Analysis. ISLE spring school at the English department of Freiburg University.
April 2013. Language variation and change by the numbers. Plenary lecture at the ISLE spring school at the English department of Freiburg University.
Mar 2013. What constructions are good for: reflections on functionality in language. KU Leuven.
Feb 2013. A new look at asymmetric priming and its role in language change. SWELL meeting, Zurich.

Nov 2012. Does frequency affect the directionality of semantic change? Guest lecture at the English department of Freiburg University.
Oct 2012. With Florent Perek. Testing constructional tolerance. DGKL-5, Freiburg.
Sept 2012. Kollaborative Insubordination. Kolloquium der Graduiertenplattform des Forschungsnetzwerks 'Sprache und Wissen', Internationalses Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg.
July 2012. What's new in diachronic corpus analysis? Methodological issues and a few theoretical considerations. Guest lecture at the English linguistics colloquium, Erfurt University.
June 2012. From 'myne own eyes' to 'my old friend': Allomorphic change from the perspective of Construction Grammar. Guest lecture at the English linguistics colloquium, Jena University.
June 2012. With Florent Perek. Testing constructional tolerance. Frias Workshop on Constructions across Grammars, Freiburg.
May 2012. Sprache und Denken - ein Forschungsüberblick. Tagung der Fachschaft Neuphilologie des Cusanuswerkes.
May 2012. Concessive parentheticals: one construction or many constructions? ICAME 33, KU Leuven.
Apr 2012. Studying variation and change on the basis of diachronic corpora. Plenary lecture at the International Conference of Nordic and General Linguistics, Freiburg.
Jan 2012. Change at what level of abstraction? Determining the loci of constructional change through corpus analysis. NIAS workshop on Constructional Change in the Languages of Europe, Wassenaar.

Nov 2011. Linguistic motion charts: a new corpus-based application for the study of language change. Meeting of the Philological Society, London.
June 2011. How can new corpus-based techniques advance historical description and linguistic theory? With Hubert Cuyckens. ISLE conference, University of Boston.
June 2011. Modeling diachronic change in a morpho-phonemic alternation. With Stefan Gries. ISLE conference, University of Boston.
April 2011. Surprising, though plausible, results: on the development of concessive parentheticals. KU Leuven.
April 2011. Towards dynamic visualizations of language change. Introducing the flip-book technique. Exploring the Boundaries and Applications of Corpus Linguistics, University of Alabama.
March 2011. Zum Abstraktionsgrad von Konstruktionen: Das Beispiel konzessiver Einschübe im Englischen. FRIAS workshop on paradigms in Construction Grammar.
March 2011. Watching language change. A new visualization technique and its theoretical implications. Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics 4, HU Berlin.
Jan 2011. Quantitative methods for cognitive semantics. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland.

Awards, grants, scholarships

2014. Cogito Foundation Grant 14-132-R ("Opinion profile construction from social media. A case of study of restaurant reviews") [Co-PI with Prof. Hatem Ghorbel, HE-ARC Neuchâtel]
2013 SNF Grant 100015_149176/1 ("Why is there regularity in grammatical semantic change? Reassessing the explanatory power of asymmetric priming")
2013 Sciex Grant 12.237 (Postdoctoral fellowship to Dr. Karolina Krawczak)
2012 DFG Grant HI 1090/4-1 ("Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kognitive Linguistik")
2012 DFG Grant AU 72/25-1 ("International Conference of Nordic and General Linguistics")[co-applicant, PI: Prof. Peter Auer]
2011 DFG Grant HI 1090/3-1 ("Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics - A short intensive spring school with a highly interactive format")

Teaching (since 2011)

2016 Lecture: Introduction to English Linguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2016 Lecture: Language Contact, Université de Neuchâtel.
2016 Undergraduate seminar: Psycholinguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2016 Master seminar: Research methods in psycholinguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.

2015 Lecture: Introduction to English Linguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2015 Lecture: Cognitive Linguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2015 Lecture: Cognitive Linguistics, Universität Zürich
2015 Undergraduate seminar: First language acquisition, Université de Neuchâtel.
2015 Undergraduate seminar: Bilingualism, Université de Neuchâtel.
2015 Master seminar: Linguistic data analysis with corpora, Université de Neuchâtel.
2015 Doctoral seminar: Historical Linguistics, LOT summer school

2014 Undergraduate seminar: Advanced Language Study, Université de Neuchâtel.
2014 Lecture: Introduction to English Linguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2014 Undergraduate seminar: Sociolinguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2014 Lecture: Second Language Acquisition, Université de Neuchâtel.

2013 Graduate semiar: Construction Grammar, Université Lille-3.
2013 Lecture: Varieties of English, Université de Neuchâtel.
2013 Undergraduate seminar: Advanced Language Study, Université de Neuchâtel.
2013 Lecture: Introduction to English Linguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2013 Graduate seminar: First language acquisition, Université de Neuchâtel.

2012 Lecture: Cognitive Linguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2012 Lecture: Introduction to English Linguistics, Université de Neuchâtel.
2012 Graduate seminar: Language and Society, Université de Neuchâtel.
2012 Doctoral seminar: Construction Grammar, Universität Zürich

2011 Graduate seminar: Grammaticalization, Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg
2011 Graduate seminar: Words in English - Current studies in morphology, Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg

Last update: February 22, 2016.

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