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I am a lecturer (Maître-Assistant) in the Computer Science department of the University of Neuchâtel. I teach large-scale distributed systems and operating systems, and my research interests are in analyzing, building and evaluating computer systems, with a focus on scalability, performance, dependability, and security. I am a member of the recently founded Centre for Complex Systems and Big Data at UniNE.

EuroSys 2015

I am a publication chair for EuroSys 2015, to take place in Bordeaux, France in April 2015. Check the conference website for more information.


  • LEADS: Large-scale Elastic Architecture for Data-as-a-Service (EU FP7 project) coordinator.
  • DIONASYS: Declarative and Interoperable Overlay Networks, Applications to Systems of Systems (CHIST-ERA collaborative project) coordinator.
  • Splay: distributed applications made simple.
  • Some recently terminated projects:
    • SRT-15: Intelligence Push in the Enterprise Realm (FP7 project).
    • VELOX: An Integrated Approach to Transactional Memory on Multi and Many-core Computers (FP7 project).
    • MISTNET: FNS project on cloud-computing testbeds.


  • [Fall] Outils Informatiques pour les Sciences (undergraduate, in French)
  • [Spring] Large-Scale Distributed Systems (graduate, in English)
    • see the JMCS web page for details.
  • [Spring] Operating Systems (undergraduate, in English)


Here are some events and organizations I am somehow involved in.


Dr. Etienne Rivière

Complex Systems Group
Université de Neuchâtel
Institut d'informatique
Rue Emile Argand 11
UniMail - IIUN - Room B125
Phone: +41 32 718 2729
Secretary: +41 32 718 2700

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